Must Try: 7 Different Types Of Momos  


Dumplings coated with crunchy Kurkure crumbs, giving them a crispy, crunchy texture.

Kurkure Momos

Dumplings in a creamy Afghani sauce, offering a mild, flavorful taste.

Afghani Momos

Nepali-style dumplings served in a spicy, soupy jhol sauce

Jhol Momos

Spicy dumplings tossed in tangy chilli sauce for a fiery kick.

Chilli Momos

 Dumplings served in a hot, flavorful broth, a delightful combination of dumplings and soup.

Soup Momos

Lightly pan-fried dumplings, crispy on the bottom with a soft top.

Pan-Fried Momos

Momos marinated in spices, cooked in a tandoor for a smoky flavor.

Tandoori Momos