Most Iconic Onscreen Pairings Of Madhuri Dixit: Anil Kapoor To Salman Khan 

Divya Pandey

Jackie Shroff 

The audience loved Madhuri and Jackie together in Tridevi. Their friendship on screen gave the movie a certain appeal.

Shah Rukh Khan

It was refreshing to see Madhuri and Shah Rukh together in Dil Toh Pagal hai. Fans still recall their love encounters and dance routine.

Anil Kapoor 

The pair originally appeared together on screen in the 1989 blockbuster movie Ram Lakhan.

Sanjay Dutt 

It was greatly liked that Madhuri and Sanjay paired together in Saajan.

Dil's cast of Madhuri and Aamir proved to be a great hit. The public responded favorably to their fresh and lively rapport.

Aamir Khan 

Ajay Devgn 

The combination of Madhuri and Ajay in movies like as Ishq and Kanoon Apna Apna was well regarded.

Akshay Kumar

In Dil To Pagal Hai, Madhuri and Akshay made a great duo. The film was made more enjoyable by their comedic timing and chemistry.