Meet Abha Sharma: 'Panchayat's Endearing Amma Ji


 Abha Sharma embarked on her acting career at the age of 54, defying odds and pursuing her lifelong dream. Known for her role as Ammaji in the series "Panchayat," her journey inspires with resilience and passion.

Abha Sharma's Acting Journey

Raised in an orthodox family, Abha initially pursued teaching after gaining a diploma from the JJ School of Arts. Despite facing challenges like dental issues and health setbacks, she persisted in her career until 1991.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

In 2008, Abha ventured into theater in Lucknow, setting the stage for her acting aspirations. Her first audition for a Bank of Baroda ad marked a turning point, leading her to Mumbai and landing significant roles.

Theater and First Break

Abha Sharma's credits include roles in films like Peepli Live and Ishaqzaade, along with projects under renowned directors like Sudhir Mishra.

Film and Television Career

Her professionalism on set in Madhya Pradesh highlighted her love for acting despite challenges.

Panchayat and Beyond

Abha's story reflects perseverance and pursuing passion. She encourages aspiring artists to follow dreams relentlessly.

Inspirational Story