Marriage Advice Not Abetment To Suicide, Reason Behind Supreme Court's Verdict


Giving your spouse advice to marry someone else does not equal to encouraging suicide because heartbreak and breakups are inevitable in life.

This was stated by the Supreme Court in a significant ruling. 

In one instance, the girl killed herself after her lover suggested that she wed in accordance with her parents' desires.

The Supreme Court bench, presided over by Justice Vikram Nath, heard this case. The girl's boyfriend had suggested that she follow her parents' desires and get married. 

The girl's parents had begun to look for a boy to marry. The girl ended her life at this moment. A charge of aiding and abetting suicide was filed in this instance against the boyfriend in question.

The defendant submitted a petition asking for the case to be dismissed. The case was brought before the Supreme Court after the High Court declined to dismiss it.

According to the Supreme Court, relationship breakups and heartbreaks are now commonplace occurrences. therefore encouraging the girl to follow her parents' preferences when it comes to marriage. This does not appear to be a suicide incitement.