Look Your Best: 6 Grooming Tips For Men To Ace Valentine's Day


Ahead of Valentine's Day, make sure to your beard is well trimmed. This helps enhance your facial features.

Trim Your Beard

Invest in a good moisturiser, sunscreen and serum to help keep your skin clean and shiny

Moisturise And Use Serums

Shaping your hair is an important part of grooming. Get a haircut or set your hair with a gel before your date.

Set Your Hair Right

Get your hands on a good perfume. You need to smell good but not make it hard to breathe for the other person.

Put On A Subtle Perfume

No one likes dirty nails, and it will be a major turnoff if you end up on your date with shabby nails.

File and Trim Your Nails

Last but not the least, make sure to wear well-fitted clothes when taking your partner on a romantic date. Happy V-Day!

Wear Well-Fitted Clothes