Know About The Most Expensive Book In The World

Aman Trivedi

15th Century

The world's most expensive book was written in the 15th century and was written by Leonardo da Vinci.

Name of the Book

The name of this expensive book is 'Codex Leicester' and the book is written in Italian with 72 pages and 18 sheets in it.

A Scientific Journal

This book is the most famous scientific journal of Leonardo da Vinci.

Thomas Cook

This book was first bought by Thomas Cook in 1717.

Bill GatesĀ 

Bill Gates bought this book in 1994. At that time, he paid 3.08 crore dollars for this book.

Value in Present Time

Its value in today's Indian rupees is more than Rs 250 crore.

What's Special About This Book

Vinci has included his explanations in this book, like why fossils are found in the mountains, the flow of water in rivers or the moon's brightness, etc.

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