K-Pop Bands Gain Fame and Fans Across India


BLACKPINK, a popular girl group, has gained immense popularity in India with their energetic performances and stylish visuals


EXO, a beloved K-pop boy group in India, impresses fans with their exceptional vocals and synchronized dance routines. Songs like "Love Shot" and "Ko Ko Bop" have garnered significant attention


TWICE, a talented girl group, is building a strong fan base in India with their catchy and upbeat songs like "Likey" and "Cheer Up."


Red Velvet, known for their versatile music style, is a popular girl group in India. Songs like "Bad Boy" and "Psycho" have resonated well with Indian fans

Red Velvet

GOT7, a multi-talented boy group, has a dedicated following in India. Their charismatic performances and diverse music genres, including hip-hop and R&B, have made them popular among Indian K-pop enthusiasts


SEVENTEEN, a 13-member boy group, has won the hearts of Indian fans with their energetic performances and relatable lyrics. Songs like "Very Nice" and "Left & Right" are fan favorites.


NCT, a dynamic boy group, has gained popularity in India for their unique music and concept. Hits like "Kick Back" and "Cherry Bomb" have attracted a significant Indian fan base.