Free Hindi Web Series on YouTube Worth Watching


Aspirants tracks a group of young friends as they tackle the rigorous competition to qualify for India's Civil Services exams.


Delhi NCR delves into the lives of young professionals in Delhi, addressing issues like relationships, work-life balance, and societal pressures.

NCR Days

Kota Factory follows a student from Patna as he relocates to Kota to prepare for the IIT entrance exams.

Kota Factory 

Minus One is a rom-com portraying two friends navigating modern relationship complexities while sharing a living space.

Minus One 

Adulting is a coming-of-age story portraying young adults coping with the challenges and anxieties of independence and growing up.


TVF Cubicles offers a lighthearted office comedy centered around quirky colleagues in a typical office setting.

TVF Cubicles 

Girlsplaining humorously addresses everyday sexism and gender stereotypes faced by women.