Exploring India's Top Fruit-Producing States

Aman Trivedi

Andhra Pradesh

With the production of fruit crops like mango, banana and papaya, the state contributes around 19% of total production in the country.


Maharastra contributes around 12.4% of the total food production, like mango, grapes and bananas.

Uttar Pradesh

With a contribution of 11.11% in the total production, Uttar Pradesh's major fruit crops are mango, guava and amla.

Madhya Pradesh

With guava, mango and banana as the major fruit crops, the state contributes 8.9% of the total fruit production.


With primary crops like banana, mango and papaya, Gujarat contributes 8.26%.


Karnataka contributes around 8% in the total production with primary crops like banana, sapota or chikoo, and mango.

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