Explore The 6 Best South Korean Teas And Herbal Remedies


Omija-cha is brewed from dried omija berries, also known as five-flavor berries. These berries are typically steeped in cold water, resulting in a rich infusion without any bitterness.


Boricha, or barley tea, is created by steeping roasted barley grains in hot or cold water. Often available in teabags, this caffeine-free beverage is cherished for its nutty taste.

Barley Tea (Boricha)

Yuja-cha is a citrus tea enjoyed during winter, made from the yuja fruit, which resembles a lemon. To prepare, mix sliced yuja with sugar and hot water, yielding a sweet and tangy drink.


Daechu-cha is brewed from dried jujubes or jujube preserves, resulting in a dark red or brown tea known for its deep flavor and health advantages.


Memil-cha is a popular South Korean tea prepared from roasted buckwheat grains. This fragrant, nutty tea is appreciated for its calming properties.

Buckwheat Tea (Memil-cha)

Saenggangcha is a ginger infusion often sweetened with honey and grated ginger. It can be made by simmering ginger in water or using a pre-prepared mix.

Korean Ginger Tea (Saenggangcha)

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