Away From Bollywood; This Actress Runs A Company Worth Rs 600 Crores


The movie "Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai" must have been seen by almost everyone. This was Tulip Joshi's feature film debut.

as this movie, Aditya Chopra costarred alongside Tulip Joshi as the lead role. This movie got great reviews.

But despite a fantastic launch, Tulip Joshi's career was unremarkable. Following it, he quit the business.

Tulip Joshi began maintaining her busy schedule in her personal life after stepping away from the film industry.

Upon examining his recent social media posts, it appears that not much has changed about him.

Later on, Tulip Joshi wed Vinod Nair, a businessman and captain. The actress owns and operates her own company.

Currently, Tulip Joshi is a director of a Rs 600 crore corporation.