Astrological Advantages of Crow Feeding


A Crow in Hinduism represents ancestors (Pitras) and feeding them is seen as a gesture of respect and peace.

Honouring Ancestors Through Crows

Feeding a crow benefits not only the bird but also its young, multiplying the act's positive impact.

Sharing the Bounty

It's considered auspicious to feed crows on new moon days (Amavasya) but can be done at any time.

Feeding Crows

Offer cooked rice, grains, or fruits to crows as a simple yet meaningful gesture.

A Simple Ritual

Balanced Saturn can improve stamina, focus, and perseverance, achieved through feeding crows.

Increased Stamina and Focus

Offer food to crows after bathing on Amavasya if observing a fast.

Feeding on Fast Days

Feeding crows acknowledges their intelligence and role in nature, showing respect.

A Sign of Respect