Indian Woman Sheds 30 kg by Tracking Daily Caloric Intake


Sedentary lifestyle, overeating, consumption of oily and junk food, and inadequate sleep collectively contribute to weight gain, impacting the overall health and well-being of an individual.

Factors Contributing to Weight Gain

Jyoti Thorwe, a 32-year-old originally from Maharashtra residing in the UK, embarked on a remarkable weight loss journey while balancing her responsibilities as a mother

Transformation Story

Jyoti successfully shed 30 kg of weight, reducing her maximum weight from 90 kg to 60 kg, through dedication and a disciplined approach towards her lifestyle and diet

Significant Weight Loss

Jyoti's journey was fueled by her determination to combat weight gain, spurred by societal pressures and personal desire for self-improvement

Motivation Behind the Transformation

Jyoti adopted a straightforward diet plan, focusing on balanced meals and portion control, complemented by regular exercise comprising home workouts and brisk walks

Simple Diet and Exercise Routine


Her routine included early morning consumption of warm water with lemon and ginger, followed by three balanced meals totaling around 1700 calories per day. She indulged in her love for tea with biscuits and incorporated nutritious shakes and salads into her meals

Daily Routine and Dietary Choices