8 Tips To Repel Pigeons From Balcony

Khushi Patel

Eliminate food sources

Bird feeders and abandoned crumbs are among the food sources that draw pigeons to balconies. Make sure there aren't any food sources nearby that pigeons would be drawn to.

Employ deterrents

Place tangible barriers on balcony surfaces where pigeons land or roost, such as bird spikes, bird netting, or bird gel. Pigeons find it uncomfortable to perch because of these deterrents.

Cover spaces

Close off any gaps or spaces where pigeons could fly in or roost in your walls, ceiling, or balcony railings. Cover these apertures with screens or wire mesh.

Scare tactics

To scare off pigeons, use fear tactics include hanging shiny objects like CDs or aluminium foil strips, setting up motion-activated noisemakers, or positioning fake owls or hawks as decoy predators.

Maintain a clean balcony

Vacuum your balcony on a regular basis to get rid of pigeon droppings, feathers and nesting materials. It is less common for pigeons to roost in tidy, clutter-free spaces.

Use repellents

In places where pigeons congregate or roost, apply natural or artificial repellents such as citrus fragrances, peppermint oil, or chilli pepper spray.

Restrict water sources

Pigeons require water for bathing and drinking, therefore remove any sources of standing water, such as puddles or bird baths, off your balcony.

Seek professional assistance

You might think about hiring a pest control company if the pigeon infestation doesn't go away despite your best efforts. Specialist techniques from pest control professionals can successfully keep pigeons off your balcony.