7 Varieties Of Chili Peppers Found In India


Cultivated primarily in Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmiri Chili boasts a vibrant red color and a milder spice level, widely favored in Indian cooking for its intense hue.

Bhut Jolokia

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Guntur chili is renowned globally for its fiery heat, serving as a crucial component in dishes such as Guntur Chicken curry.

Kashmiri Chili

Native to Gujarat, Jwala Chili offers an intense flavor profile and transitions to a red hue upon ripening, commonly featured in spicy Indian cuisine.

Guntur chili

Also known as Bird’s eye chili from Kerala, this variety adds both heat and spice to dishes, frequently incorporated in South Indian cooking.

Jwala Chili

Named after the town of Byadagi in Karnataka, this chili pepper is characterized by its deep red color and moderate spice level, commonly used in South Indian delicacies like sambar.

Kanthari Chili

Originating from Tamil Nadu, Ramnad Mundu Chili imparts a distinctive flavor to traditional dishes.

Byadagi Chili

Hailing from Goa, Khola Chili stands out for its vivid red color and rich taste, often utilized in stuffing seafood for authentic recipes.

Ramnad Mundu Chili