7 Songs To Keep You Motivated At Work


Nothing inspires females more than a song that encourages them to "get on track and start training" and has uplifting lyrics and catchy tunes!

Kuch Kariye

Even if luck is not on your side, the lyrics will motivate you and your group to keep fighting your fights!

Kar Har Maidan Fateh

The song follows her path and discusses how, despite everyone's objections, this "ziddi" (obstinate) lady trains hard to become a professional boxer and win a historically male-dominated sport.

Ziddi dil

 This song is about finding time for your passion, no matter what it is!


This song can give your team optimism and positivity while motivating them to overcome all obstacles and uncover their mission.


The song "Bandeya Re Bandeya" can inspire you to pursue your goals regardless of the situation.

Bandeya Re Bandeya

The title tune from Dangal is a must-have when discussing Hindi motivational songs. This song discusses adversity, perseverance, and achievement.