7 Potato Recipes from Across the Globe


A Belarusian staple, Potato Pancakes are made with the crispiest potatoes and seasoned to perfection, resulting in delicious, golden-brown pancakes that are a delight to savor.

Potato Pancakes

Silpancho, a Bolivian specialty, layers rice with pan-fried meat, salsa, fried potatoes, and an over-easy egg, creating a flavorful and hearty dish.


Belgian Frites, renowned for their crispiness, are soft inside and crunchy outside. Served with Andalouse Sauce, they are a mouthwatering delight with a secret to their irresistible flavor.

Belgian Frites

Canadian Poutine is a greasy treat featuring crunchy french fries drenched in brown gravy and topped with cheese curds, offering the perfect indulgence for late-night cravings

Canadian Poutine

Stoemp, Belgium's ultimate comfort food, combines mashed potatoes with cream and sautéed vegetables for a cozy, homey dish that soothes the soul


Papas Rellenas, popular in Cuba and beyond, are stuffed mashed potato balls filled with picadillo, a savory beef filling. Crispy on the outside and creamy inside, they're an irresistible treat.

Papas Rellenas

Gyuveche, a delicious Bulgarian dish, features beef, mushrooms, carrots, celery, and cheddar cheese, topped with thin potatoes and over-easy eggs for a hearty meal.

Gyuveche from Bulgaria