7 Melancholic Movies Worth Watching at Least Once


Vijay, a gifted yet impoverished poet, grapples with the pursuit of love and recognition in a world consumed by selfishness.


The protagonist, grapples with a sense of disquiet and discontinuity in her thoughts, unsure of what she wants or who she truly is

Millennium Mambo

Devdas, navigates through life in a haze of drunkenness, consumed by repentance, grief, and regret


The two protagonists continually collide and tear each other apart in an endless cycle

Happy Together

Two shepherds, form a deep emotional and sexual bond, but their relationship becomes fraught with complications when they marry other women

Brokeback Mountain

It follows a taxi driver as he traverses the dusty roads of Tehran, seeking someone compassionate enough to bury him under a cherry tree

Taste of Cherry

A professor residing in a conservative small city grapples with the repercussions of a sting operation that exposes his sexual orientation to the entire nation