7 Lip-Smacking Lassi Flavours To Try


Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi is a creamy and refreshing yoghurt-based drink blended with sweet and juicy mango pulp. the coconut.

Rose Lassi

Infused with the delicate essence of rose water, this lassi exudes a floral aroma and a subtle sweetness that is both refreshing and aromatic.

Saffron Lassi

Saffron lassi boasts a rich golden hue and a subtle floral and earthy taste, elevating the drink to a royal indulgence.

Banana Lassi

Creamy yoghurt blended with ripe bananas, offering a smooth and creamy texture with a naturally sweet flavour and hints of tropical goodness.

Pistachio Lassi

A nutty twist on the classic lassi, featuring ground pistachios blended with yoghurt, creating a creamy and indulgent drink with a delightful crunch.

Coconut Lassi

Coconut Lassi is a tropical delight made with coconut milk or shredded coconut blended with yoghurt, imparting a creamy texture and a refreshing coconut flavour.

Strawberry Lassi

A delightful fusion of yoghurt and fresh strawberries, creating a vibrant pink-hued lassi with a sweet flavour.

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