7 Indian Shows That'll Bring Back Nostalgia


The sitcom centering on a family of witches from three different generations who live incognito among humans


The series chronicles the escapades of Sanju, a schoolboy who stumbles upon a magical pencil capable of bringing his drawings to life.

Shaka Laka Boom Boom

The early 2000s drama unfolds the story of a young girl named Fruity, who encounters a magical fairy named Son Pari

Son Pari

The early 2000s hit, 'Hatim,' tells the tale of a young prince named Hatim on a quest to vanquish the nefarious sorcerer Zargam


Medical drama tracking the lives of young interns at a private hospital, blending professional and personal stories

Dil Mil Gaye

The sci-fi TV series, an adaptation of the well-known American show Small Wonder, follows a scientist who invents an android named Karishma

Karishma Ka Karishma

Mukesh Khanna portrayed the titular character in 'Shaktimaan,' a superhero who battles against evil forces to safeguard the world.