7 Bollywood Movies That Are So Bad That They're Good


It earns its place as a cult classic in the realm of so-bad-it's-good cinema with its campy charm and outrageous storyline


It is hindered by its poor execution and wooden performances despite its ambitious sci-fi premise.

Love Story 2050

It endeavors to deliver high-octane action but falters due to its nonsensical plot and cringe-worthy dialogue delivery


It is a peculiar mix of horror, romance, and mythological elements, resulting in a surreal viewing experience filled with unintentional humor

Jaani Dushman- Ek Anokhi Kahani

It is known for its exaggerated action scenes and laughable plot twists, fully embraces its absurdity.

Baaghi 3

Despite its nonsensical action sequences and baffling plot developments, Race 3 has gained a cult following among audiences

Race 3

A conman poses as a movie director to deceive an entire village into aiding him in robbing a treasure-filled train.

Tees Maar Khan