7 Bizarre Facts About Train We Bet You Don't Know

Riwa Singh

Train is the most common transport system in India for long journeys but do you know these amazing facts about it?

The word 'train' comes from a French verb that means 'to drag'. In the beginning, the work principle of trains was based on rope and gravity.

There is an extremely small space between the train wheels and the track. For an average train wheel, the total area of contact between rails and the wheel is one silver dollar.

The world wars would have ended long before had trains not existed. It was because soldiers and resources were easily transported via trains that stretched these wars.

Australia has the straightest railway path in the world, which spans 478 kilometers long.

Ever thought of a train travel from Europe to Asia? Yes, it's possible. The longest train ride is a trip from Portugal to Vietnam.

In the US, trains became popular only after Abraham Lincoln's assassination when his funeral train crossed 180 cities to reach his home state.

Ghost trains run on the British train  network quite often. Scary?