7 Banned Bollywood Films That Are Now Available On OTT Platforms 


Anurag Kashyap's film was denied a theatrical release but is now available on an OTT platform

Black Friday

Banned in India due to explicit content, including harsh language, nudity, and fellatio, among other elements


Dealing with the themes of a lesbian couple and terrorism, the film faced a ban in theatres but is now accessible on an OTT platform


Exploring the love life of a gay couple, this film was denied a theatrical release but found its way to audiences through an OTT platform


Drawing parallels with the lives of Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi, this film not only faced a denial of release but also had its reels confiscated

Kissa Kursi Ka

Despite receiving accolades globally, the award-winning film encountered a roadblock in India as the Censor Board withheld approval for its theatrical release


While 'Angry Indian Goddesses' managed to avoid a ban from screening in theatres, significant portions of the film underwent censorship, with the Censor Board making substantial cuts

Angry Indian Goddesses