7 Awe-Inspiring Glacier Experiences In Iceland For Discerning Travellers


Enjoying a thrilling Zodiac boat excursion on a glacial lagoon, like the well-known Jökulsárlón, is a great way to get up close and personal with Iceland's breathtaking glaciers.

Zodiac Boat Tour On A Glacier Lagoon

As passengers soar above massive ice caps like Vatnajökull or Langjökull, they get a bird's eye perspective of the size and splendor of these old ice formations.

Helicopter Tours Aerial Splendour

Super Jeep excursions offer a close-knit and challenging means of experiencing the glaciers of Iceland.

Private Super Jeep Tours Intimate And Rugged

A vacation that is truly memorable can include gourmet meals prepared using local foods and waking up to the sight of a glacier.

Luxury Lodge Stays Comfort In The Wilderness

Accessible only at specific periods of the year, these natural wonders provide a window into the interior of a glacier.

Ice Cave Explorations: Beneath The Surface

A unique experience awaits those seeking an adrenaline rush with private snowmobiling tours on Iceland's glaciers.

Exclusive Snowmobiling Adventures

Guests can enjoy cozy accommodations in tents or domes that are furnished with cozy beds, heating, and frequently private restrooms.

Glamping Near Glacier