6 Diabetes-Friendly Juices To Help Regulate Blood Pressure


Green vegetable juice is rich in nutrients, low in sugar, and potentially aids in regulating blood pressure.

Green Vegetable Juice

Tomato juice is abundant in lycopene, a compound that could promote heart health and assist in blood pressure management.

Tomato Juice

Broccoli and spinach juice provides ample calcium and essential nutrients from both vegetables.

Broccoli and Spinach Juice

A blend of berries and greens offers a potent combination of antioxidants from the berries and added nutritional value from the greens

Berries and Greens

Carrot and cucumber juice is a low-sugar beverage rich in essential nutrients that may offer benefits for blood pressure.

Carrot and Cucumber Juice

Beetroot juice contains nitrates that have the potential to dilate blood vessels, which may aid in controlling blood pressure.

Beetroot Juice