5 Ways to Enjoy February 14th Without Valentine's Day Celebrations


If you are not celebrating Valentine's Day, here are 5 things you can do to celebrate the day dedicated to love!

Not Celebrating Valentine's Day??

Indulge in some self love this Valentine's Day. Take a hot shower, eat some delicious food and treat yourself like a queen or king!

Time For Self Love

You can watch a thriller or horror film, while munching on some delicious popcorns.

Watch A Non-Romantic Movie

You can buy some delicious chocolates from the market or you can get innovative and make them at home.

Eat Chocolates, Loads Of Them

If baking makes you happy, try baking some delicious chocolate cake or cookies for yourself

Bake Some Cookies

When done chilling and baking, head out to meet your single friends.

Meet Single Friends, Celebrate