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ZOO’s Special Offer On Valentine’s Day: Contribute For A Special Initiative

The winner receives a digital Valentine's Day card after making a donation. This program does more than just support the donor on difficult days.

Edited By : simran rajpal | Updated: Feb 11, 2024 12:23 IST
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Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few days. On this day, couples show their affection for one another. But for those who are grieving, it hurts a great deal. when they are alone while seeing couples all around them. The San Antonio Zoo in Texas, America, has launched a unique program in response to this circumstance. By doing this, the zoo also raises money for donations that go toward protecting the animals. ‘Cry Me a Cockroach’ is the moniker given to this project by Zoo.

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What Will Be Done By The Donation?

Five to twenty-five dollars must be donated in this. Participants may designate a cockroach, rat, or any vegetable as their ex, after which it will be fed to the zoo’s resident animals. The zoo’s website advises giving the name of your former partner to the cockroach on Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be fed to the zoo animals in America. You must make a donation of between $5 and $25. There won’t be a later refund of this money. These will be donated straight to the San Antonio Zoo’s purpose. The money from this donation will go toward protecting animals in the future.

What Will Winners Receive On Valentine’s Day?

The winner receives a digital Valentine’s Day card after making a donation. This program does more than just support the donor on difficult days. To let them know that their name has been given to the cockroach and fed to the animal, a card is actually delivered to his former partner. One option is to sterilize the animal if the person does not want to kill it, that is, if they do not want to feed it to another living thing.

Vegetables cost five dollars, cockroaches cost ten, and rats cost twenty-five dollars. The zoo will send you a video for $150 that shows an animal being fed a rat, bug, or vegetable named after you. in order for the person making the purchase to give the money to his former partner on Valentine’s Day.

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First published on: Feb 11, 2024 12:23 PM IST

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