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Will you break up on Valentine’s day? FB, Insta is telling users

New Delhi: Recently, a news came out that a 29-year-old doctor living in Chennai had gone into depression after the breakup that he locked himself in a Mercedes and set it on fire. However, after being suffocated he came out of the car alive while the car gutted in the fire. Many people do such cowardly things after heartbreak. They commit suicide or try to commit it.

Most breakups take place on Valentine’s Day

The season of love means Valentine’s Day is about to come. So many people’s hearts will be united and many will be broken. If someone’s relationship comes out strong, some will come out of the relationship with mutual consent. According to a survey, most people breakup on Valentine’s Day. It has also been told that social media account can easily tell whether you will have a breakup in the coming 3 months or have a long relationship.

Social media to predict breakup

The social media platform Reddit conducted a survey. In which about 7 thousand people participated. The lives of these people were tracked through posts on social media. Meaning, on the basis of social, emotional and perception, an attempt was made to know about the life of these people. On this basis, it was found that any social media account be it Facebook or Instagram can easily tell that the couple is going to breakup in the coming three months.

It was also said in the survey that if the breakup is known in advance, then it will be beneficial that the person in front can avoid depression and tension. Or may try to strengthen their relationship further.

How to know on that breakup is coming via social media?

– If planning is going on in someone’s mind to breakup, then the way of writing changes.

-Instead of we, the person starts using words like I or me.

-Stops commenting on partner’s photos.

-Stops posting couple photos.

-If the partner tries to convince something by tagging him, then his answer is like ‘maybe’ or ‘think’.

-He tries to show his future in the photo.

-Seems to be painful to post

-This work should be done after knowing about the breakup

Calculating from the Facebook and Instagram posts can tell whether the couple’s relationship will be good or there will be a breakup. The question is whether the path should be changed upon learning of the breakup. The answer is no, first of all understand that you have done love, there is no wrongdoing. That’s why sit in front of your partner and talk. If he says that he is not serious about this relationship, then part with mutual understanding. If he wants to take this relationship forward, but there are some disputes then try to remove him again.

Benefits of mutual breakup

Mutual breakup has many advantages. First of all, you are not a victim of depression. You don’t feel bad about your ex. Because of which the friendship remains. Negative thoughts about the third relationship will not come to mind. Because of which you can move forward easily.

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