Wife, suffering 4 stage cancer, joins husband for delivering food to avoid staying alone at home

Gandhinagar: A food delivery man, Ketan bhai, from Gujarat, takes his wife Sonal along with him on a bike during work hours as she is suffering from a disease called cancer so that she doesn’t get negative thoughts while staying alone at home. She has stage four cancer and has done chemotherapy 8 times.

Sonal is in critical condition. Despite this, Ketan has not given up hope. They always keep the wife with them, so she does not feel alone in the house. They order food together. Many people inquire when they see them together. Ketan tells them about his situation and his problem. Many people cry when they hear about Ketan and his love for his wife.

Ketan and Sonal married in 2007. Sonam was diagnosed with cancer about eight months ago. He was in excruciating pain in his chest. So Ketan took him to the doctor. The doctor then ran some tests. As a result of this, Sonam was diagnosed with cancer. Sonam has been in treatment since then. When Sonam is alone at home, he has negative thoughts. This has an effect on their health. They’re exhausted. Ketan avoids this by riding his bike with them everywhere. He avoids leaving Sonam alone.

Netizens Reaction

A user wrote, “God bless her and cure her.” Another person while praying to have such a partner, “Need this time of partner.” A third person comments, “This breaks my heart Allha give them health and Sabar inshallah.”

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