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What is Lawn Bowls game in CWG2022, India reaches final?

What is Lawn Bowls game in Commonwealth Games 2022 in which India women team has reached the finals of the tournament.

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New Delhi: The India women team of 4 players scripted history after reaching the finals of Lawn Bowls. This is the very first time that India has participated in this game and thus it remains a question for many what is Lawn Bowls?

Here is the detailed answer to What is Lawn Bowl?

This is one of the oldest sports in the Commonwealth Games, and has featured in every edition since the inaugural edition in 1930. The game has an intricate set of rules which make for a thrilling contest and viewing experience.

Lawn Bowls, also called Bowls is an outdoor game that involves a ball known as a bowl, which is rolled toward a smaller stationary ball, called a jack. The game is generally played on a flat lawn, about 37–38 meters.

The main objective is to roll bowls so that it comes to rest near the jack. The teams have to make sure their bowls are closer to the jack than those of their opponent. This can also be achieved by knocking aside an opponent’s bowl or the jack.

Lawn Bowl is played in four formats

It is played in four formats – singles, pairs, triples, and fours. Only two teams can compete in a single Lawn Bowls game.

The team which manages to place its bowls closer to the target wins the points for the end. The number of points awarded is determined by the number of bowls a team has managed to place closer than its opponent.

The bowls, which are also called woods, are made of rubber, wood, or some other material. They are biased or flattened on one side so that they follow a curved course when rolled.

On Monday, the women quarter won their semi-final game against New Zealand and reached their maiden finals.

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