Watch: Wild elephant makes way for tourists, Netizens hail this loving gesture

Hyderabad: After the documentary “Elephant Whispers” won the Oscar, people not only praised the leading characters but changed their mindset about elephants, realising that they do have a loving side as well. A video that is going viral proves the same.

In the video, a bus can be seen full of tourists in the middle of the forest, and strangely, a wild elephant appears in front of the bus. As the bus and elephant approached each other, passengers started panicking. When the elephant approaches the bus, the passengers begin reciting mantras relating to Lord Ganapati, the elephant-headed Hindu god, in an attempt to calm the wild animal.

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They continue to chant the mantras as the driver reverses the vehicle for a few metres. The elephant gradually moves aside, making room for them.

The video’s highlight: as the vehicle approaches the elephant, it raises its boot in greeting, as if to wish them a safe journey.

Netizens Reaction

A user wrote while defending the mantras, “Definitely Not mantras, but it was the good gesture of both the people in the vehicle and the Pachyderm, that they decided to back off and give way. At the end of the day, this is how it works….coexistence and respecting each other’s space.”

Another user wrote, “Do we have any Mantras for the Chinese border to push backward Chinese army.”

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