WATCH: Colombian judge caught smoking, half-naked while hearing a case

New Delhi: A video of a Colombian judge is doing rounds on the social media. As per media reports the judge had shared her bold pictures on the social media earlier also.  But this week she landed herself in grave trouble while she was hearing a criminal case on Zoom. She was caught on video smoking a cigarette in half-naked condition.

Now, action has been taken against the judge as she was charged with misconduct. Following this, she has been suspended for three months. The video of the Zoom meeting is now going viral on social media platforms.

She violated several administrative rules

The Judicial Disciplinary Commission on Tuesday ruled against 34-year-old judge Vivian Polania. They said that she had violated several administrative rules. She is not fit to perform her duties and also failed to follow the judicial dress code.

Judge Polania has been suspended

According to the report of, Polania has been sharing her bold pictures on social media before. But this week, during the hearing of a criminal case on Zoom, there was a ruckus when she was seen smoking on the bed in half-naked condition. The video of her act went viral on the social media.

After which the disciplinary committee took action against Polania. They suspended her from the post for three months. Her salary too will be stopped for the time period.

Here’s what happened

According to the committee’s 16-page decision, Polania kept her camera off for nearly an hour as the hearing proceeded on Zoom. When the camera was turned on, Polania was seen lying on the bed. It seemed she was asleep. Polania was caught smoking a cigarette on camera in half naked condition.

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Polania gave a clarification

However, in her clarification, Polania has denied being half-naked on camera. Also claimed that she was on the bed during the hearing because she had problems with blood pressure and nervousness at that time. Apart from this, Polania accused other judges that they are threatened for wearing short dresses.

For the time being, Polania has deactivated her Instagram account after being suspended. The investigation against her is going on.

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