Viral Video: Workers Smoke ‘Beedi’ While Making Rusk; Internet Disguised

The unsettling footage has triggered a reconsideration among consumers regarding store-bought rusks' safety and hygiene.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Nov 22, 2023 21:14 IST
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Viral Video

A recent viral video on social media has stirred concerns among rusk lovers in India. The footage, purportedly from a rusk factory, has raised alarming issues about the production process, prompting a wave of skepticism and caution among consumers.

Inside the Viral Video

The video showcases the manufacturing process of rusks within a factory setting. Workers are observed blending flour, oil, salt, and other ingredients while preparing the dough. The footage captures the baking phase and subsequent packaging of the rusks. However, what caught viewers’ attention was the apparent lack of hygiene measures during production. Shockingly, one worker was seen smoking a beedi while handling flour and water, raising serious concerns about cleanliness standards.

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Public Response

Shared by a user named @Ananth_IRAS on social media platform X (previously Twitter), the video swiftly garnered attention, drawing over 697,000 views at the time of reporting. Concerned users expressed their apprehensions and disappointment after witnessing the unhygienic practices. Some users urged others to bake their bread at home, expressing distrust in commercial rusk products due to the unsettling video.

Impact and Reactions

One user remarked sarcastically, “It’s a good thing they didn’t use paragraph,” highlighting the concerning lack of attention to cleanliness and safety protocols in the production line. The video’s widespread circulation has led to widespread apprehension among consumers, calling into question the hygiene standards and practices employed in rusk manufacturing.

The Fallout

The unsettling footage has triggered a reconsideration among consumers regarding store-bought rusks’ safety and hygiene. The viral nature of the video has cast doubts on the integrity of the production process and has prompted individuals to exercise caution when selecting bakery items, particularly those that are factory-made.

First published on: Nov 22, 2023 08:01 PM IST

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