Viral video: Plane fells like kite, SEE what happened next!

New Delhi: The Internet is a hub of interesting videos. Recently, a similar interesting but scary video is going viral, seeing as you will get goosebumps for sure. Actually this is a stunt video, which seems to be creating excitement among people these days. In the video, during the stunt, a plane is seen falling like a kit.

It can be seen further in the video how the pilot controls the plane in an instant and is flying it smoothly as if nothing happened. As the can see that the pilot has complete control over the plane (pilot has complete control over the plane). He is just juggling, which is a part of the stunt.

This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram, which is being seen and liked a lot. This breath-taking video has got more than 9 lakh likes so far, while this video has got more than 10 million views so far. Users who have seen the video are giving different types of strange reactions on it. At the same time, some users are not tired of praising the skills of the pilot.

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