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Video Shows Man Carrying Pythons In Crowded Metro, Sending Chills Down Spines

The video shows a man sitting with a python on his lap and another python around his neck.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: Jun 14, 2024 10:37 IST
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Man Carrying Phytons In Crowded Metro
Man Carrying Phytons In Crowded Metro

Although most people are afraid of snakes, some people keep them as pets and even take the reptiles with them when traveling. A video of a man carrying snakes on public transport has gone viral. The clip has sparked debate online, with many considering carrying snakes in public places extremely dangerous.

In the clip shared on Instagram, you can see a person sitting on Python’s lap and another on his neck. Pythons can be seen making subtle movements and gradually rising towards their owner.

While most of the people around the man seem bothered, there is one woman who seems concerned. However, he does not react but tries to keep his composure. The video was shared by an account called @factsclip. The clip was titled ‘It should be illegal.’

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As soon as the clip was uploaded to Instagram, it received mixed responses from users. Many considered transporting reptiles by public transport illegal and dangerous. One user wrote: ‘Why does the snake in the circle look like it’s asking for an explanation?’

Another user commented: ‘She’s the only one with the right reaction. I don’t understand how everyone else seems indifferent.’


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To date, the viral video has amassed 23.4 million views on Instagram. This is not the only case where people have publicly shown their love for snakes.

Recently, another man was seen wearing an enormous python around his neck in a subway in Toronto, Canada, forcing people to keep their distance from him.

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First published on: Jun 14, 2024 10:37 AM IST

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