Video | Anand Mahindra impressed with ‘marriage hall on wheels’

New Delhi: Industrialist Anand Mahindra on Saturday shared an interesting video of an Indian truck which can be transformed into a marriage hall of 200 people capacity. Hailing the innovative approach, Mahindra expressed his desire to meet the person behind this concept.

In the video, a giant truck, often used to transport vehicles, is seen opening up into a hall-like structure. The video claims that the marriage hall is 40×30 square feet and has a capacity of 200 people.

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Sharing the video on his Twitter profile, Mahindra said: “I’d like to meet the person behind the conception and design of this product. So creative. And thoughtful. Not only provides a facility to remote areas but also is eco-friendly since it doesn’t take up permanent space in a population-dense country.”

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The video shows an event taking place inside the hall, with fancy lights, furniture and an air conditioner.

The video shared in the morning has now over five lakh views, over twenty-four thousand likes and thousands of retweets.

Netizens praised the unique concept and thanked Mahindra for acknowledging common men’s efforts on Twitter.

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“Portable infrastructure!!! After mobile clinics and toilets, someone has taken it to new level with mobile marriage halls. It is a perfect solution for areas where construction & maintenance of such properties isn’t feasible or economically viable!” commented a user.

Another Twitter user tweeted, “You are the only industrialist I see mentioning and appreciating common people’s efforts”.

“This is a very good IDEA. This type of container can be kept ready for deployment during the natural calamities. The variants can be planned”, one user said.

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