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US Woman Makes History As First Licensed Pilot Without Arms

Jessica Cox, born without arms, defies expectations by becoming a licensed pilot, martial artist, and motivational speaker. Her viral videos showcase her abilities, inspiring many to see beyond disability and pursue their dreams with determination and courage.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: Jun 19, 2024 10:59 IST
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Jessica Cox, a remarkable woman born without arms
Jessica Cox, a remarkable woman born without arms

Jessica Cox, a US-based woman, faced significant challenges from birth due to a rare condition leaving her without arms. Despite this, she has achieved remarkable feats, such as flying an airplane using only her feet. One of her Instagram videos recently went viral, highlighting her as the first licensed pilot without arms. Jessica shared that people often express surprise upon learning of her piloting skills.

The viral clip showcases Jessica accomplishing diverse activities solely with her legs, including earning a black belt in martial arts, eating, applying makeup, driving, and using contact lenses. Initially using prosthetic arms, she abandoned them at the age of 14 in favor of using her feet. After three years of training, Jessica obtained her pilot’s license and now manages the plane’s controls with one foot on the wheel and the other on the throttle.

Jessica’s story sends a powerful message about overcoming disability, emphasizing that it doesn’t equate to inability. The caption of the video sums up her inspiring journey: ‘No arms? No problem! Jessica Cox defies expectations, pursuing her dreams with unwavering determination. She cooks, drives, practices karate, and even pilots planes!’

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Social media users expressed astonishment at Jessica’s resolve and bravery. One user praised her as being ‘more abled’ than disabled. Another hailed her as a prime example of pursuing dreams without obstacles. Yet another user admitted feeling inspired, stating it erased any excuses they might have had.

In 2012, she wed Patrick, her former Taekwondo instructor, with whom she resides in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Jessica, a two-time black belt holder, travels globally as a motivational speaker, using her life as an example of achieving one’s aspirations through determination. She previously visited Ethiopia in East Africa to advocate for disability rights.

In 2015, Jessica authored Disarm Your Limits, an autobiographical self-help book aimed at motivating readers to conquer obstacles using the lessons she has gleaned from her experiences.

First published on: Jun 19, 2024 10:58 AM IST

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