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This Indian Village Has ‘Apartments’ For Elephants, Furnishings Will Raise Your Brows

In Rajasthan's Elephant Village near Jaipur, elephants reside in dedicated apartments with amenities like ponds and a hospital, cared for by mahouts and attracting tourists worldwide.

Edited By : Swechchha | Updated: Jun 17, 2024 15:26 IST
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Rajasthan Hathi Gaon
Rajasthan Hathi Gaon

In Rajasthan, near the majestic Amer Fort, lies a village unlike any other in India—a village dedicated solely to elephants. Known as the Elephant Village or “Hathi Gaon,” this unique settlement is home to around 80 elephants, each with their own 1BHK or 2BHK apartments. Designed specifically for their comfort, the village features amenities like ponds, mud baths, and even a hospital, ensuring the well-being of these revered animals.

Tourists flock to Elephant Village, not just from across India but from around the globe, eager to witness these elephants up close and learn about their lifestyles. The village isn’t just a sanctuary; it’s a community where the families of mahouts, and elephant caretakers, reside alongside their gentle charges. These families have dedicated their lives to the elephants, forming a symbiotic relationship where each mahout cares for one elephant.

Microchip implanted under the ear

Each elephant in Hathi Gaon is more than just a number—they have names like Lakshmi, Chameli, Roopa, and Chanchal, known and identified by all. To ensure their well-being, microchips are implanted under their ears for easy identification. Elephants here enjoy a unique lifestyle, with 15 days of leave per month, varying diets tailored to winter, summer, and monsoon.

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The village itself is meticulously organized, with spacious stalls arranged in blocks, each block accommodating three stalls. There are about 20 blocks in total, along with separate storage rooms for elephant provisions. The mahouts’ quarters are strategically located near the elephants’ stalls, allowing for constant monitoring day and night.

Hathi Gaon not only serves as a sanctuary but also as a hub of cultural exchange, where visitors can experience elephant safaris and gain insights into Rajasthan’s rich heritage. It stands as a testament to the deep bond between humans and elephants, offering a glimpse into a world where these majestic creatures are revered and cared for with utmost dedication and respect.

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First published on: Jun 17, 2024 03:25 PM IST

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