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Tamil Nadu Student’s Innovation Aims To Save Wildlife On Railway Tracks

In several states, elephants are frequently killed on railway tracks. Over the past decade, 40 elephants died in Odisha alone, and Tamil Nadu has also experienced many fatalities. In response, Sam Jefferson, a Class 10 student, developed an automatic alarm device to deter animals from railway tracks and prevent such deaths.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: Jun 18, 2024 13:50 IST
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In Tamil Nadu, students developed a device to protect elephants and prevent fatalities on railway tracks, addressing increasing incidents.
In Tamil Nadu, students developed a device to protect elephants and prevent fatalities on railway tracks, addressing increasing incidents.

In several states, elephants have been dying on railway tracks. In Odisha alone, 40 elephants were killed by freight trains over the past decade Tamil Nadu has also seen numerous animal fatalities due to trains. Animals often wander onto railway tracks while searching for food, unaware of the danger posed by electric fences, leading to their deaths. The frequency of elephants being struck by trains has increased. To address this issue, students have developed a simple device aimed at protecting these animals and preventing further fatalities.

According to the forest department’s official information, 36 elephants have been struck and killed by trains in Tamil Nadu over the past decade. Troubled by this tragic situation, Sam Jefferson, the son of a laborer and a Class 10 student at a government school in Thanjavur, decided to take action. He developed an automatic device called the Automatic Alarm Bar Controlling Forest Animal Accident to help prevent the deaths of wild animals.

This student-created apparatus features a board with a connector device linked to an auto sensor light and various wires. Operated by remote control, it includes a relay device, a siren, and a submersible motor pump that integrates all components. This device is designed to detect the movement of animals such as elephants, bears, deer, foxes, and bison.

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When the device detects an animal, it triggers an alarm that emits a loud sound to scare the animals away from the railway track. If the sound fails to deter the animal, the device has a backup mechanism. It will activate a relay device connected to it, which then operates a motor submerged in water. This motor is part of a tank-like structure designed to rapidly splash water on the animals through a water pipe, causing them to run away.

Sam Jefferson showcased the device at both the district-level and regional-level science fairs, where he earned a prize and certificate. Initially, he had many doubts, but his supportive teacher provided encouragement and guidance throughout the process. The teacher mentioned that, if used correctly, the invention could prevent crop damage, including to sugarcane, and reduce deaths on railway tracks. Sam created this apparatus at a very low cost in just four days and hopes to make more contributions with his future inventions.

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First published on: Jun 18, 2024 01:50 PM IST

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