Step brother and sister get married, face people’s flak after honeymoon video goes viral

The couple met for the first time in the year 2018. They had been friends for a long time before deciding to date.


People on social media frequently target stepbrothers and stepsisters who marry each other. However, some exceptional couples outperform society and ultimately obtain what they desire – love. Matilda and Samuli Eriksen are such a couple. They have recently returned from their honeymoon. The couple posted on social media the romantic photos and videos they took during this time period.

This case is from Finland, where Matilda and Samuli Eriksen, half-siblings from Helsinki, recently married. They had been together since May 2021. The couple admitted that when they first started dating, they had to deal with questions from their friends as well.

Despite this, the couple stated that they did not abandon their relationship. Matilda stated, “We got engaged in October with our parents’ blessings.” From the start, the parents were pleased with our decision.

Image Credits: Instagram/Samuli Eriksson

On Tiktok, the couple has revealed many details about their relationship. As a result, he has become the target of both parties. He has now shared numerous videos of his romantic honeymoon road trip. The couple captioned the video, “I have come on honeymoon with my step brother.”

People were seen surrounding both of them as they commented on the post about their stepbrother and sister’s marriage. One user commented, “This is not right.” The other person wrote, “You weren’t joking, this is nonsense.” Many people, however, were seen congratulating the couple on their relationship.


The couple met for the first time in the year 2018. On Matilda’s mother’s 50th birthday, they both met. They had been friends for a long time before deciding to date. Matilda stated that there was a magnetic attraction between us.

Matilda stated that they used to meet on a regular basis as if they were friends. However, Samuli did kiss one day. Matilda told Yahoo Australia, “I started kissing because I was passionate.”

Matilda went on to say, “This was the first time romantic things happened between us.” But then we decided not to do it again in the future. We were both afraid of severing our friendship. But it happened again a week later. We then expressed our feelings for one another.

In October, the couple got engaged. Matilda stated, “We both proposed to each other at the same time. Then we both had tears in our eyes.”