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Snake Or Dragon? Viral Video Of Reptile Leaves Viewers In Confusion

The clip depicts a puff-faced water snake slowly transforming into a mesmerizing and creepy green "dragon." This gradual change adds a captivating and somewhat unsettling quality to the snake's appearance.

Edited By : Palak Parashar | Updated: Jun 14, 2024 09:49 IST
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Puff-Faced Water Snake

The Internet continually amazes us with stories of animal rescues and scientific discoveries, offering a constant source of surprise and wonder. A new video of a puff-faced water snake has surfaced online, leaving viewers completely astonished. This clip, which has gained significant attention on social media, shows the reptile gradually transforming into a creepy yet captivating green “dragon” that has intrigued many viewers.

The clip shows the reptile crawling inside a tub that is half-filled with water. According to the publisher, the snake developed green moss all over its body from sitting still in the water for a long time, which makes it resemble a dragon. It’s important to note that the snake does not actually transform into a dragon, but its appearance strongly resembles the dragons depicted in cartoons and sci-fi films.

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The video was posted on X (formerly Twitter) with a caption stating, “A puff-faced water snake in Thailand sat still in the swamp long enough to accumulate moss and transform into what appears to be a dragon.”

People were rapid to share their reactions. One X user wrote, “Perhaps dragons also looked like that because of moss.” Another user expressed, “That the reptile looks pretty cool.”

One user joked, “He fashioned himself an outfit and now he’s styling.” Another comment noted, “Nature never ceases to surprise us – I’ll be on the lookout for swamp dragons!”

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First published on: Jun 14, 2024 09:48 AM IST

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