PETA’s “sex strike” appeal to women attracts hilarious reactions from internet users

New Delhi: Whenever it comes to saving the world, we plant trees, reduce carbon emissions, save soil and many other such measures come to our mind, but have you ever thought of going on a ‘sex strike’ for this? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has come up with an idea which beyond the imagination. It recently urged women to go on “sex strikes” to save animals. After this request of PETA, men started sharing funny reactions and memes on the social media sites.

The German division of PETA has urged the women to go on sex strike which can help solve this problem. The organisation said that “If women are able to do this, then surely men will be forced to give up meat.”

An Internet user, who reacted to this appeal of PETA, took to social media site and said, “whether this sex strike can save the world by not having sex with meat-eating men, only time will tell, but it has definitely caught the attention of the world.”

No only this, the would be-move has attracted other such reactions as well. The chain of reactions started after the statement of PETA went viral of social media sites as people started debating the issue at various platforms.

Another user wrote, “what about men going on a sex strike with women who eat meat? Peta kinda seeming sexist right now.”

 The third user said, “PETA’s sex strike demand designed to get meat-eating men to ‘sit up and take notice’ – Sky News Australia.
PETA suggestion is for women too have a sex strike too discourage men too stop eating meat.
I thought marriage already achieves this. Hahahaha ❤️🥲🤣”

PETA Germany has referred to a study published by the scientific online journal PLOS ONE that men emitted 41% more greenhouse gas than women because they consume more meat. Germany’s ‘grill masters’ believe they must prove their masculinity to themselves and their peers by eating meat Now there is scientific evidence that toxic masculinity also harms the climate.

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