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My Devi Bleeds Mathematics: Sadhguru Reveals Ramanujan’s Astonishing Connection to Black Holes

Discover the fascinating connection between Ramanujan's mathematical brilliance and black holes as revealed by Sadhguru.

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Sadhguru, Ramanujan (Photo Credit: X/Wikipedia)
Sadhguru, Ramanujan (Photo Credit: X/Wikipedia)

New Delhi: In a profound conversation during the Save Soil campaign, led by the Isha Foundation, spiritual guru and Inner Engineering professor, Sadhguru, delved into the remarkable legacy of the renowned Indian mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan. Ramanujan’s extraordinary contributions to mathematics continue to baffle and inspire scholars worldwide, and Sadhguru shed light on a particularly intriguing aspect of his work—his early insights into black holes.

A pioneer ahead of his time

Ramanujan’s brilliance shines through as he contemplated and mathematically defined black holes, a concept that would not gain recognition until many decades later. Long before black holes became a mainstream topic in the world of astrophysics, Ramanujan was crafting the mathematics to describe these enigmatic cosmic phenomena.

The unconventional sequence of progress

Sadhguru noted the unconventional sequence of scientific progress: typically, a concept emerges, followed by the development of a theory, and finally, the formulation of mathematical equations to support it. However, in Ramanujan’s case, this order was entirely upended. He ventured into the realm of mathematics for black holes before the concept or theory had even taken root.

Intriguingly, as Ramanujan lay on his deathbed, he continued to produce an abundance of mathematical work, filling notebook after notebook with complex equations. His outpouring of mathematical insights left those around him astounded and puzzled.

The mystical source of Ramanujan’s genius

When questioned about the source of his unending mathematical prowess, Ramanujan cryptically responded, “My devi bleeds mathematics.”

Sadhguru’s discussion highlights the profoundly mystical and visionary nature of Srinivasa Ramanujan’s contributions to the world of mathematics, offering a glimpse into the extraordinary mind of this mathematical genius whose work continues to captivate and inspire generations of scholars and scientists.

For Srinivasa Ramanujan, mathematics held a profound significance beyond mere knowledge. He famously expressed that an equation, to him, lacked true meaning unless it unveiled the mind of god or ‘the divine intellect’.

In the Sri Vaishnava tradition, which he was a part of, the deity is Vishnu, with Lakshmi residing within his heart. In this context, the divine intellect represents the goddess. It is believed that she visited Ramanujan in his dreams.

In these dreams, she unveiled to him equations — the very thoughts and waves of Vimarsa that arise within the radiant expanse of Brahman, the ultimate reality. This, undoubtedly, delves into mystic speculation. However, if one day yogic psychology becomes a recognized tool for exploring the depths of our inner selves, individuals or future generations may continue this profound journey of discovery.

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