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Men Keep Calling Street Dog ‘Kaalu’, Dog’s Unexpected Reaction Goes Viral

A viral video shows two boys teasing a street dog named "Kalu," resulting in the dog biting one of them, sparking online discussion.

Edited By : Swechchha | Updated: Jun 17, 2024 17:00 IST
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Dog Bit Man For Teasing Him
Dog Bit Man For Teasing Him

People often assume that those who cannot speak are dumb, but a recent viral incident on social media challenges this notion. Two boys were playfully teasing a street dog by calling it “Kalu,” a name that makes the dog feel embarrassed. However, the situation took a turn when the dog reacted aggressively and bit a man’s leg while being teased on camera. This incident has sparked a discussion online, with people sharing humorous comments and reactions.

In a 14-second video, two boys are seated outside a shop with a street dog nearby. The person recording the video introduces the dog as their friend, mentioning that it becomes upset when called “Kalu.” Despite warnings from it, one of the boys repeatedly calls out “Kalu… Kalu…” which agitates him. He growls and shows his teeth in warning, but the boys continue teasing. Eventually, he becomes aggressive and attacks one of the boys, an incident that was recorded on camera in its entirety.

Posted on June 17 by the handle @gharkekalesh, the video shows  biting a boy after being teased with the name “Kalu-Kalu.” It has garnered 1.5 lakh views and over 2500 likes. Viewers reacted strongly, with one noting, “The dog warned him, but he didn’t listen,” while another advised, “Do not call him Kalu.” Many users added humorous comments in response to the incident.

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First published on: Jun 17, 2024 05:00 PM IST

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