Meet THIS life coach who teaches women how to control their husbands

New Delhi: A woman has come to limelight after telling about her source of income. She works a professional who teach women, how to control their husband. She considers herself a life-coach and she believes that by influencing men, women can make them do whatever they want.

She is a life coach who came into limelight for teaching women how to trick their partners to speak up on issues that they try to avoid. She also trains women into being a feminist. Not just this, she also helps other women how to stay away from trouble.

Meet the life coach of women, Margarita Nazarenko

The name of this 34-year-old female influencer is Margarita Nazarenko. She is a resident of Sydney, Australia. Margarita advises women to use their cleverness and femininity, so that women can convince their male partners to do whatever they want and enjoy a healthy life.

Margarita explains about behavior patterns

Margarita has explained about the behavior pattern of women by giving the example of three animals. First – deer, second – cow and third – horse.

Margarita says, “the deer is ‘a symbol of feminine energy, women should be like her’.”

She further said that the role of a mother is like a dairy cow ‘who does everything and gets tired’. To get out of this role, women should set a boundary and divide the work with the partner.

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Margarita further says, “The horse represents the role of an influential man. I have been behaving like a horse all my life. I wanted to bear all the expenses and run after men who didn’t want to be with me.” She said that women should be like deer. If the deer ever suspects something wrong, it leaves from there.

Women should make inner feminism more effective

Margarita has claimed that women should make their inner femininity more effective if they want men to listen to them. She also said that women should not quarrel with men to get their points convinced. It will not work.”

Margarita said, “Praise the top qualities of the man because this will make him pay attention to your words. Don’t complain about the things he can’t change.”

Margarita explains in an online course how to influence men. For this she also charge fees.

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