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Man Engraves ‘Micromax’ On AirPods To Deter Thieves In Creative Anti-Theft Move

The viral spread on social media has highlighted a unique strategy to prevent theft of Apple AirPods by engraving the Micromax logo on them

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: Jun 18, 2024 16:41 IST
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Genius Anti-Theft Idea_ Micromax-Engraved AirPods Solution
Genius Anti-Theft Idea_ Micromax-Engraved AirPods Solution

The frequency of eavesdropping has made smartphone users cautious in public spaces. From insurance and security apps to tracking systems, people use different technologies to protect their devices.

The purpose of these measures is to avoid the unfortunate and painful experience of phone theft. The problem extends beyond smartphones, as smart accessories such as chargers, earphones, and headphones have also been targeted. Apple EarPods in particular are said to be in high demand on the black market.

Amid growing concern, a man’s unique strategy to prevent theft has gone viral on social media. To prevent Apple AirPods from being stolen, a social media user named Baked Samosa on X (formerly known as Twitter) revealed that he engraved them with the logo of another brand, Micromax, which is not as expensive as Apple’s products.

This unusual method came up in a social media conversation about wiretapping. In the message thread, someone shared pictures of the place where his phone was stolen. Baked Samosa then posted a photo of its AirPods case, customized to illustrate the anti-theft technology with a fist emoji. His reasoning? Covering the brand logo to make them less attractive to potential thieves.

“Same reason I engraved an emoji on my AirPods, so it’s mixed in Micromax and saved,” she captioned the photo she shared.

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Despite being a comment on the post, the image gained over 3,000,000 views, causing social media users to laugh at the clever hack. People commented on the post with interesting reactions.

“Tim cooking ready to recall those Micromax Airpods as we speak,” the user jokingly commented

“You are Big Brain Pro Max, Micromax,” wrote another user

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First published on: Jun 18, 2024 04:41 PM IST

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