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Man Eats Snake Live from River, Internet Calls Him ‘Bear Grylls Ka Phupaa’

In Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, Ganga Prasad, a recently released dacoit, was seen catching and eating a live snake in a widely shared video. Passersby watched as he caught a snake, strangled it, and bit off a portion. The viral video, posted on July 8, sparked outrage and calls for action against him.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: Jul 10, 2024 09:40 IST
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A video of dacoit Ganga Prasad eating a live snake in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, has gone viral, sparking reactions.
A video of dacoit Ganga Prasad eating a live snake in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, has gone viral, sparking reactions.

In Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, a man was seen catching a snake and eating it live, an act described as bizarre and eccentric. According to reports, the man is Ganga Prasad, a dacoit recently released from jail. In the widely shared video, Prasad is seen sitting by the river trying to catch a snake. After capturing one, he approaches the person holding the camera, tightly grips the snake’s head to strangle it, and then bites off a portion once it stops moving.

Meanwhile, in the video, passersby can be seen watching the man eat the live snake.

The post’s caption read, ‘A Guy from Fatehpur Eats Snake Alive (Video of dacoit Ganga Prasad Surfaced).’

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The video, shared on July 8, quickly went viral, amassing over 200,000 views. The clip sparked numerous reactions, with many demanding stern action against the dacoit.

One user commented, ‘How is this possible? It feels very strange to see. There are so many things to eat, and you only got a snake to eat.’

Another user exclaimed, ‘Oh God, how can someone eat a snake? What more is there to see in this world? My soul trembled.’

A third user suggested, ‘He should be put back in jail.’

‘Bear Grylls ka phupaa’  read another comment.

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Yet another user stated, ‘A case should be filed against this person under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act.’

According to the reports, the dacoit was satisfying his ‘cravings’ for snakes after being recently released from jail, as he was accustomed to ‘feasting’ on snakes caught from the land or river.

First published on: Jul 10, 2024 09:40 AM IST

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