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Man Caught Dumping Newborn Baby In Texas Heat Caught On Disturbing Video

A terrifying video shows a man dumping a naked newborn baby in the Texas heat to avoid detection.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: Jun 18, 2024 13:01 IST
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Texas Man Caught Dumping Newborn In Heat
Texas Man Caught Dumping Newborn In Heat

A terrifying video shows a man dumping a naked newborn baby in the Texas heat to avoid detection. Later, a passing couple spotted the child and rescued it.

So far, the unknown baby was still attached to the umbilical cord. A man left it on the Katy Creek Bridge in the early morning of Saturday, June 15th, wrapped only in a towel. At that time the temperature rose to 95 degrees.

Sgt. Juan Garcia of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office stated that the pre-term baby had a “fresh placenta … so it had been freshly born” that morning. Unclear surveillance footage depicts a man placing the baby on the ground, then starting to walk away slowly, before sprinting. The footage later reveals a couple walking nearby with their child, who noticed the baby and hurried over to rescue it. They shielded the baby until police arrived at the scene.

‘I Was Shocked, I was Mad, I Was Upset’

Daniela Fedele informed KHOU, “I saw two little feet moving, and then my husband, who was right behind me with the dogs, and I yelled to him, ‘Oh my God, a baby, a baby!'” She continued, “Then my husband said, ‘Call 911, call 911,’ and that’s exactly what we did.”

“Once my husband picked up the baby, he quickly found the nearest tree, right there by the house down the street, and placed the baby in its shade,” she added. “Finding the baby girl alone shocked me, made me mad, upset,” she said. “You can drop her off at a fire station, a police station, a hospital, I don’t know… but don’t leave the baby.”

The couple waited until the police arrived and then handed the baby over to them. Police took the child to a local hospital where they reported the baby was now in good condition.

Garcia described Fedele and her husband as “a blessing” for saving the infant, noting that neither the baby’s mother nor the man who dumped it has been identified.

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First published on: Jun 18, 2024 01:01 PM IST

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