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JCB Machine Turns Peaceful Picnic Into Dusty Chaos: Watch the Video

Before they can unload anything, a JCB machine dumps debris on top of them in its loading bucket.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: Jun 17, 2024 13:02 IST
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JCB Machine
JCB Machine

Social media is the perfect place for many humorous videos that can entertain social media users. A similar video has gone viral on Instagram where a Joseph Cyril Bamford Excavators Ltd or JCB machine was shown as a sportsman for people enjoying a picnic. The video shows three people talking and laughing while sitting on a carpet. Their food, snacks, and water bottles are also nearby. They are so busy talking that they don’t notice the JCB next to them.

Before they can unload anything, a JCB machine dumps debris on top of them in its loading bucket. Thanks to this, they are completely covered in dust and immediately begin to rub the dirt off their bodies. One of the picnickers even throws a stone at the JCB machine out of anger. A close-up of the clip shows that the laptop and other items are also covered in dirt. After getting over their momentary shock, the two of them help the old member remove the dirt from his clothes. The video has gained immense popularity among social media users and has amassed more than 7 million users.

Social media users got some interesting reactions to this clip. One of the users commented that it is similar to the “Banrakas” who spoil the entire party and give the Panchayat to a web series. For those who didn’t understand, actor Durgesh Kumar became popular for his role as Bhushan aka Banrakasi in Amazon Prime Video Panchayat. Others were surprised that none of the picnickers heard the sound of the JCB. In the comments section, Rest piled up laughing emoticons.

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It turns out that this video was written and filmed for entertainment purposes only. In a similar clip, the two artists seen in the a for mentioned video entertain the audience with another act. The video shows an elderly man sleeping on a mattress. His two friends can be seen preparing for something bad. One of them throws an object on the floor with a force that makes a loud noise. The old man wakes up quickly. Their other friend is already expecting this and sprays a cream-like substance on the old man’s face.

Users remained in sections after watching the clip.

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First published on: Jun 17, 2024 01:02 PM IST

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