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Inspiring! Zomato Delivery Agent Preparing For UPSC Exam In Traffic

A video shared by user Ayussh Sanghi on X went viral on social media, showing a Zomato delivery agent focused on watching United Public Service Commission (UPSC) lectures while stuck in a traffic jam. Despite the chaotic surroundings, the video highlights the rider's commitment to self-improvement even during work duty.

Edited By : simran rajpal | Updated: Mar 31, 2024 10:31 IST
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UPSC preparation

On March 29, a video went viral on social media, shared by user Ayussh Sanghi on X, depicting a Zomato delivery agent diligently watching United Public Service Commission (UPSC) lectures while stuck in a traffic jam. Despite the chaotic surroundings, the video showcases the rider’s dedication to self-improvement even while on duty. The text on the clip reads, “Dreams, compulsion, and time crunch,” highlighting the delivery executive’s commitment amidst challenges.

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Mr. Sanghi wrote in the caption of the post, “After watching this video, I don’t think you have any other motivation to study hard.”

Since being shared, the video has garnered more than 62,000 views and received over 1,400 likes. In the comments section, users expressed their thoughts. While some found the video “inspiring”, others voiced concerns about the potential dangers of distraction while navigating busy roads.

What did people say  about the UPSC aspirant?

One user expressed, “Feeling inspired and driven to excel, though the journey may be challenging, the reward is invaluable. #Believe #NeverStopLearning.” Another remarked, “This video is incredibly inspiring, motivating me to push harder than I ever have before.”

However, another user criticized, “It’s a disease… not motivation,” emphasizing that being distracted on a busy road can be dangerous. A fourth user expressed concern, stating, “Wrong inspiration. There could be an accident.”

Meanwhile, discussing work-life balance, an earlier post on X depicting a man working on a laptop in a movie hall had ignited a similar debate on the micro-blogging site. User Rishika shared a photo of the man working inside the theatre. Users revived the debate on work-life balance and extended work hours in the comments of the tweet.

“One user wrote, ‘Speaks volume about work-life balance. Glorifying such disability is not hustle-culture.’ Another commented, ‘He must have taken wfh, but couldn’t wrap up by movie’s time.’

A third user expressed, ‘It’s useless, nothing great. That man is just senseless and uncivilized. How could he disrupt the enjoyment of others who are in the theater, immersed in watching the movie? Not caring for others is by no means showing that you are a committed employee or stressed up”.

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First published on: Mar 31, 2024 10:31 AM IST

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